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Can i shuffle a string in python?

I created a password generator program and I have gotten the random letters, numbers, and symbols in quantities decided by the input. I can’t seem to figure out how to shuffle the password, though. i can generate a random password eg adu145′!@ but i would like to scramble all the characters as well Answer Add the line before printing the

pandas: apply random.shuffle() to list column

I have a dataframe as follows, I would like to shuffle the words in each row using random.shuffle(),(e.g the new first row will be ‘nice is weather the’ ),so I have done the following, and tried to map or apply shuffle() function but it returns None. or I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. and then finally

Shuffle rows of a large csv

I want to shuffle this dataset to have a random set. It has 1.6 million rows but the first are 0 and the last 4, so I need pick samples randomly to have more than one class. The actual code prints only class 0 (meaning in just 1 class). I took advice from this platform but doesn’t work. Answer Because

How to lightly shuffle a list in python

I have this issue where I would like to shuffle a list, but only do so slightly. Say, I want only a small number of elements to be moved. Is there a simple way to get this done? Right now the best I can think of is building my own method be hand, but is there some way to use

PyTorch DataLoader shuffle

I did an experiment and I did not get the result I was expecting. For the first part, I am using I save trainloader.dataset.targets to the variable a, and to the variable b before training my model. Then, I train the model using trainloader. After the training is finished, I save trainloader.dataset.targets to the variable c, and to

Shuffle DataFrame rows

I have the following DataFrame: The DataFrame is read from a CSV file. All rows which have Type 1 are on top, followed by the rows with Type 2, followed by the rows with Type 3, etc. I would like to shuffle the order of the DataFrame’s rows so that all Type’s are mixed. A possible result could be: How

Is there a faster version of numpy.random.shuffle?

I’m using numpy.random.shuffle in order to compute a statistic on randomized columns of a 2D array. The Python code is as follows: The speed I get is something like this: 1 loops, best of 3: 391 ms per loop I tried to Cythonize this function but I wasn’t sure how to replace the call to np.random.shuffle and the function was

Shuffling a list of objects

How do I shuffle a list of objects? I tried random.shuffle: But it outputs: Answer random.shuffle should work. Here’s an example, where the objects are lists: Note that shuffle works in place, and returns None. More generally in Python, mutable objects can be passed into functions, and when a function mutates those objects, the standard is to return None (rather