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Tag: permutation

Populating an even distribution of values across multiple axis?

Basic Example: Axis Value Counts: Where the axis all have an equal distribution of values My attempt thus far: Output: So, I have the conditions I need on one axis, but not on the other. How can I update my method/create a method to meet both conditions? Answer You can tile you input and use a custom roll to shift

All permutations of an array in python

I have an array. I want to generate all permutations from that array, including single element, repeated element, change the order, etc. For example, say I have this array: And if I use the itertools module by doing this: Or using loop like this: I only get: But what I want is: The result is all permutations from the array

Permutation without repetition, efficient way

As “combinations with replacement” does, this function only produces the combination. I want permutation of each combination without repetition. For example When I tried to do this by Time complexity was exponential, and made repititions When I tested with one list sum_n_combs[0], which is [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 14] produced 720 permutations when I only want 6 of them(14