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Tag: precision

pd.read_csv() keep number of decimals

I want to read a csv but it culls the number of decimals: gives (first 2 rows, first five columns): enter image description here the original data (here) has 8 decimal places in the 3rd and 4th columns. I need those. 2211 196568.000 -25.732036008 28.282629130 1387.8994 2211 196569.000 -25.732032386 28.282633712 1389.4025 How do I read a csv and retain the

Printing 2 numbers before comma

I want to print numbers with precision to 2 digits before dot and 3 after. Example: will show: I know that will show me 3 digits after dot but how to get 2 digits before dot with 0 if that is shorter than 2 digits? Answer You can specify a total width for the output; if you include a leading