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Tag: decimal

Replace decimals in floating point numbers

Someone on this platform has already helped me with generating the following code: This code ensures that the last decimal is not a 0 or a 9. However, I would like to have no 0’s nor 9’s in all the decimals that are generated (such that it will not be possible to have a number 1.963749 or 3.459007). It would

pd.read_csv() keep number of decimals

I want to read a csv but it culls the number of decimals: gives (first 2 rows, first five columns): enter image description here the original data (here) has 8 decimal places in the 3rd and 4th columns. I need those. 2211 196568.000 -25.732036008 28.282629130 1387.8994 2211 196569.000 -25.732032386 28.282633712 1389.4025 How do I read a csv and retain the

How to use Python to convert an octal to a decimal

I have this little homework assignment and I needed to convert decimal to octal and then octal to decimal. I did the first part and can not figure out the second to save my life. The first part went like this: I read how to convert it here: Octal to Decimal but have no clue […]

How to convert from decimal to a binary string?

The goal of this part of the lab is to motivate a right-to-left conversion of decimal numbers into binary form. Thus, you will end up writing a function numToBinary(anInteger) that works as follows: The code I have is: But this returns the string from left to right. Can anyone help me find a way to go from the left to

python Decimal – checking if integer

I am using the Decimal library in Python, and printing out the values using format(value, ‘f’), where value is a Decimal. I get numbers in the form 10.00000, which reflects the precision on the decimal. I know that float supports is_integer, but there seems to be a lack of a similar API for decimals. I was wondering if there was

How to convert Python decimal to SQLite numeric?

I have a program that reads financial data in JSON and inserts it into an SQLite database. The problem is when I’m inserting it into SQLite numeric column and it doesn’t seem to like the decimal object. I’ve found this question answered before, but the answer is outdated and from what I understand SQLite now has a currency data type