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How to use Python to convert an octal to a decimal

I have this little homework assignment and I needed to convert decimal to octal and then octal to decimal. I did the first part and can not figure out the second to save my life. The first part went like this:

decimal = int(input("Enter a decimal integer greater than 0: "))

print("Quotient Remainder Octal") 
bstring = " "
while decimal > 0:
    remainder = decimal % 8 
    decimal = decimal // 8 
    bstring = str(remainder) + bstring 
    print ("%5d%8d%12s" % (decimal, remainder, bstring))
print("The octal representation is", bstring)

I read how to convert it here: Octal to Decimal but have no clue how to turn it into code. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.



From decimal to octal:

oct(42) # '052'

Octal to decimal

int('052', 8) # 42

If you want to return octal as a string then you might want to wrap it in str.

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