Why do I lose numerical precision when extracting element from list in python?

I have a pandas dataframe that looks like this: data 0 [26.113017616106, 106.948066803935, 215.488217… 1 [26.369709448639, 106.961107298101, 215.558911… 2 [26….

It doesn’t append as floating Python | Problem #18

I’m writing this code for the problem #18 in Codeabbey. I need to calculate the square root of an array of numbers [150, 0, 5, 1 10, 3] I have to divide this array in three arrays (x,n) [[150, 0], [5, …

How is floor division not giving result according to the documented rule?

>>> print (12//0.2) 59.0 >>> print(floor(12/0.2)) 60 Why floor division is not working according to the rule in this case? p.s. Here Python is treating 0.2 as 0.20000000001 in the …

How do I get the user to input an int rather than a float?

I’m writing a program that takes in a value from the user, in the console, and I’m casting it to an int like so: num = int(input(“Enter a number: “)) I need my program to work with ints only. This …

How to get numbers after decimal point?

How do I get the numbers after a decimal point? For example, if I have 5.55, how do i get .55? Answer An easy approach for you: