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Tag: floating-point

How to disable python rounding?

I’m looking for a way to disable this: print(0+1e-20) returns 1e-20, but print(1+1e-20) returns 1.0 I want it to return something like 1+1e-20. I need it because of this problem: returns f1 is the original function, f2 is f1 shifted by 1 to the left and f3 is f2 moved back by 1 to the right. By this logic, f1

Exctract a value from a Json file(python)

Hi i’m not an expert and this problem kept me stuck for such a long time I hope that someone here can help me i would like to exctract the value “interestExpense” from the following json file: In this case the result should be -130000000 as a string but i m trying to find a way to create an list(or