how to open url in new tab from django?

i have to open the result page using render_to_response on a new tab

Django: override the save() function of an abstract model

I have tried to override the save() function on a model that is abstract, and am getting an error So if possible, how do you override the save function on an abstract model. The model that extends from this is Entry Here is my model Code: (For those who are familiar, I am extending the Entry model on the zinnia-blog, but dont think that is relevant) Answer self.__class__().objects should be self.__class__.objects. See the Notes on retrieving objects: Managers are accessible only via model classes, rather than from model instances, to enforce a separation between “table-level” operations and “record-level” operations.

How do I filter query objects by date range in Django?

I’ve got a field in one model like: class Sample(models.Model): date = fields.DateField(auto_now=False) Now, I need to filter the objects by a date range. How do I filter all the objects that …

How does Django save decimal values?

What am I doing wrong? I do something like that: count is the sum of all ratings of given MyModel and votes is an array of those ratings, their division gives an average rating for MyModel (sorry if I described it incorrectly due to my poor English). If i change previous to: Then ‘anything’ ends up in the database, but rating does not. Why? am I using wrong field type? Alan. Answer max_digits is a number of digits before and after the decimal point. With your settings it allows you to store numbers between 0.00 and 0.99. Is it right?

Atomic increment of a counter in django

I’m trying to atomically increment a simple counter in Django. My code looks like this: from models import Counter from django.db import transaction @transaction.commit_on_success def …

match an alternative url – regular expression django urls

I want a Django URL with just 2 alternatives /module/in/ or /module/out/ I’m using url(r’^(?Pw+[in|out])/$’, ‘by_status’, name=’module_by-status’), But it matches other patterns …

Get the index of an element in a queryset

I have a QuerySet, let’s call it qs, which is ordered by some attribute which is irrelevant to this problem. Then I have an object, let’s call it obj. Now I’d like to know at what index obj has in qs,…

How to dynamically compose an OR query filter in Django?

From an example you can see a multiple OR query filter: Article.objects.filter(Q(pk=1) | Q(pk=2) | Q(pk=3)) For example, this results in: [

, <…