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Tag: camera

Can not find library valkka

I try to use this library to control my ptz cameras instead of In tutorial page, I see the next example: but I can’t find valkka library in the pypy. How I can set up this library to my venv? Answer You have to install Valkka first. When you are using Ubuntu, then you can use apt-get

Python opencv/cvzone – UnboundLocalError

I am trying to make a ar mouse (camera vould detect your hand and than your finger vould be the mouse). But when checking which fingers are up I get an error. When making this program I followed this tutorial: When doing that I made one thing different which is that I didn’t make a program file called

Capturing video from two cameras in OpenCV at once

How do you capture video from two or more cameras at once (or nearly) with OpenCV, using the Python API? I have three webcams, all capable of video streaming, located at /dev/video0, /dev/video1, and /dev/video2. Using the tutorial as an example, capturing images from a single camera is simply: And this works fine. However, if I try to initialize a