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Tag: urllib

403 Forbidden error when getting cat images

I just finished programming a dog photo program, and after a few issues it works fine. I decided to make a modified version that uses a different api to give cat images instead. It took a second to figure out but after changing the format, I get this error: urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden This error is consistent and happens

Ubuntu 18.04 python 2.7 urllib request not getting data

I have this python script which works with no problem on ubuntu 16.04 But it wont get data in ubuntu 18.04, any idea what the problem could be? No errors. Output: Full code is here : Answer Since you’re using the Requests library, you should use it on each API. Requests provides a method to extract JSON, so you

Python3: JSON POST Request WITHOUT requests library

I want to send JSON encoded data to a server using only native Python libraries. I love requests but I simply can’t use it because I can’t use it on the machine which runs the script. I need to do it without. My server is a local WAMP server. I always get an urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP […]

Only add to a dict if a condition is met

I am using urllib.urlencode to build web POST parameters, however there are a few values I only want to be added if a value other than None exists for them. That works fine, however if I make the orange variable optional, how can I prevent it from being added to the parameters? Something like this (pseudocode): I hope this was