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Tag: signals

Update model field ( SearchVector ) using

I am trying to update search vector field using post_save signal. Through “”, It is working perfectly, but through “Form page” , the searchVector field or any other field is not getting updated. In form page, I have many to many field – “Tag” that I save through “form.save_m2m” method Please review my code and suggest .. Thanks in

Signal handler is not able to change variable

I’m trying to create a simple signal handler for my Python application but the value of exiting does not change even when I use Ctrl-C. If I put exiting, out of the main function the value changes. How can I change the value of exiting when it is inside main()? Currently, the program always prints False no matter if I

Understanding scipy deconvolve

I’m trying to understand scipy.signal.deconvolve. From the mathematical point of view a convolution is just the multiplication in fourier space so I would expect that for two functions f and g: Deconvolve(Convolve(f,g) , g) == f In numpy/scipy this is either not the case or I’m missing an important point. Although there are some questions related to deconvolve on SO

How do I capture SIGINT in Python?

I’m working on a python script that starts several processes and database connections. Every now and then I want to kill the script with a Ctrl+C signal, and I’d like to do some cleanup. In Perl I’d do this: How do I do the analogue of this in Python? Answer Register your handler with signal.signal like this: Code adapted from