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Tag: reticulate

python in Rmarkdown using reticulate cannot read packages

I am using R on a MacBook. I have an Rmarkdown document and I’m trying to use reticulate in order to use python within R. First I download the libraries: Next I look at an R chunk and figure out my working directory. Then I write mtcars to my desktop. Then I try to use python instead to read in

Python from RMarkdown – Matplotlib problems

I’m trying to use reticulate to run some simple Python code in an RMarkdown document. I’ve found that if Matplotlib is in the conda environment, I get errors when trying to run a python code chunk, but I can run Python from R directly. Here’s a simple example of what I see: My first thought was that reticulate was not

R reticulate libstdc++so GLIBCXX_3.4.21 not found issue

I was trying to use pandas from R . I used the reticulate library for the same. The sample code I used is given below library(reticulate) use_condaenv(“my_env_37”,required=T) py_discover_config() py_run_string(“import pandas as pd”) Error Output from py_discover_config() Conda version : 4.6.8 Python Version : 3.6.8 Pandas Version : 0.24.2 OS: RHEL 7.4 R Version : 3.5.1 reticulate Version : 1.9 Is