Setting Cell Formats with xlwt format strings

I’ve looked around for several different xlwt formats for cells, but I can’t find a comprehensive list. Excel provides the following options for cell content formatting: (general, number, currency, …

using “getElementsByTagName” to get tag in python

my XML file is nCGhwaZNpy6 02.11.2013 Scott Mobile

What do ellipsis […] mean in a list?

I was playing around in python. I used the following code in IDLE: The output was: What is this […]? Interestingly I could now use this as a list of list of list up to infinity i.e. I could write the above as long as I wanted and it would still work. EDIT: How is it represented in memory? What’s its use? Examples of some cases where it is useful would be helpful. Any link to official documentation would be really useful. Answer It means that you created an infinite list nested inside itself, which can not be printed. p

Merge xml files with nested elements without external libraries

I am trying to merge multiple XML files together using Python and no external libraries. The XML files have nested elements. Sample File 1: textA &…

How to check if a specific integer is in a list

I want to know how to make an if statement that executes a clause if a certain integer is in a list. All the other answers I’ve seen ask for a specific condition like prime numbers, duplicates, etc. …

How to print a string at a fixed width?

I have this code (printing the occurrence of the all permutations in a string) def splitter(str): for i in range(1, len(str)): start = str[0:i] end = str[i:] yield (start,…

selecting attribute values from lxml

I want to use an xpath expression to get the value of an attribute. I expected the following to work but this gives an error : Am I wrong to expect this to work? Answer find and findall only implement a subset of XPath. Their presence is meant to provide compatibility with other ElementTree implementations (like ElementTree and cElementTree). The xpath method, in contrast, provides full access to XPath 1.0: However, you could instead use get: or attrib: