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Tag: multiprocessing

Unable to use dynamic classes with concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor

In the code below, I am dynamically creating an object of the class inside the _py attribute by using the generate_object method. The code works perfectly if I am not using a concurrent approach. However, if I use concurrency from concurrent.futures, I do not get the desired result because of an error saying (beyond other things): After googling this error,

python multiprocessing – child process blocking parent process

I am trying to learn multiprocessing, and created an example, however it’s behaving unexpectedly. the parent process run, then create a child process, but resources doesnt go back to parent until child is done. code: result “inside child process” (wait for 5 sec) “inside child process” “printing fillers” “printing fillers” […] If I remove ‘p.join()’ then it will work. But

Multiprocessing issue on Windows 10

I am trying to collect the size of homepages of a list of sites using multiprocessing. Following is the code : I am having a Windows 10 laptop with Python 3.9 running. I am not using venv. This code goes into a loop – executes 4 times and takes 4 times longer. What is the error here ? Can someone

Python Multiprocessing Logging via QueueHandler

I have a Python multiprocessing application to which I would like to add some logging functionality. The Python logging cookbook recommends using a Queue. Every process will put log records into it via the QueueHandler and a Listener Process will handle the records via a predefined Handler. Here is the example provided by the Python logging cookbook: My question: The