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Tag: docker-compose

Python Mongo docker-compose Topology Error

I’m trying really simple example of mongo with python and got an error. Dockerfile: docker-compose.yaml: I’m doing docker-compose up and got this output: So it looks like it can’t connect to the database. I didn’t change ports or something, and another example works like a charm with those settings, so I don’t really know what I’m missing.

Docker-Compose Output File To Local Host

I have the below docker-compose.yaml file that sets up a database and runs a python script To run it I perform the following Here is the Dockerfile Now this works fine I can see the data has been properly populated under the generated in the msql database. The python file at the end of the script should dump a csv

docker compose .env variables not set

I have the following docker-compose.yml: In my .env file I have the following: This is to start up a flask api, but what I get when I run the container with: docker compose –env-file .env up –build or docker-compose –env-file .env up –build is this: The api insists on starting on suggesting that the environment variables are not set

Docker compose missing python package

To preface I’m fairly new to Docker, Airflow & Stackoverflow. I’ve got an instance of Airflow running in Docker on an Ubuntu (20.04.3) VM. I’m trying to get Openpyxl installed on build in order to use it as the engine for pd.read_excel. Here’s the Dockerfile with the install command: The requirements.txt file looks like this: And the docker-compose.yaml file looks