How to open detail view in editable format as shown in admin page?

I’m trying to show the user the details they entered in an editable format as we can see in Edit: Changed the code and tried to explain the question in a better way This view loads the forms as I want it to but the changes made here is not reflected in the database. Where am I going wrong? Answer For this you need to use get() instead of filter() .Get returns the single object whereas filter will returns the queryset And in template you don’t need to use forloop {{contact.first_name}} will give the result for you EDIT:

Django throws ValueError: save() prohibited to prevent data loss due to unsaved related object save method

I am trying to create some objects of model ABC in from save method of XYZ model, when a XYZ models object is created. See the below code for reference : And here are the error lines : Answer You’re going to want to call on your MatchDetail before you created your ContestDetail object, not after, as you have it. Until super is called, your self object has no primary key (assuming it’s a new object being saved)

Django: override the save() function of an abstract model

I have tried to override the save() function on a model that is abstract, and am getting an error So if possible, how do you override the save function on an abstract model. The model that extends from this is Entry Here is my model Code: (For those who are familiar, I am extending the Entry model on the zinnia-blog, but dont think that is relevant) Answer self.__class__().objects should be self.__class__.objects. See the Notes on retrieving objects: Managers are accessible only via model classes, rather than from model instances, to enforce a separation between “table-level” operations and “record-level” operations.