How can I add a parameter request list in DHCP header with Scapy?

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I try to make a DHCP pachet with parameter request list option and to add three parameters in that request. This is what i done but the pachet I see on Wireshark look`s to be malformed: dhcp_pkt = ...

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Finding k closest numbers to a given number

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Say I have a list [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]. I want to find the 3 closest numbers to, say, 6.5. Then the returned value would be [5,6,7]. Finding one closest number is not that tricky in python, which can be ...

How do I connect to SQL Server via sqlalchemy using Windows Authentication?

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sqlalchemy, a db connection module for Python, uses SQL Authentication (database-defined user accounts) by default. If you want to use your Windows (domain or local) credentials to authenticate to the ...

How can I create a form from a list of models using WTForms?

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I have a list of Prediction models. I want to bind them to a form and allow the use to post back. How can I structure my form so the post associates a Home/Away score with a Prediction model's id ...

Antialiasing shapes in Pygame

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I’m using Pygame to draw some things. The problem is that they have a lot of aliased edges: I want to make them softer, like this: My idea so far was to draw the shape in double size, and then use to shrink it to the size I want. Unfortunately if I’m drawing my shapes on a transparent surface, the smoothscale turns the edges that were touching transparent pixels black! How do I smoothscale a picture without turning alpha-transparent pixels into black, or How else do I antialias edges? Answer In order to draw antialiased filled shapes with pygame, use

pandas apply function that returns multiple values to rows in pandas dataframe

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I have a dataframe with a timeindex and 3 columns containing the coordinates of a 3D vector: x y z ts 2014-05-15 10:38 0.120117 0.987305 ...

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How to take Screenshot in Mac OS X from inside of Python: aka Command-Control-Shift-4

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With Command-Control-Shift-4 the screenshot area can be taken/then saved to a clipboard. I wonder if same would be possible from inside of Python. Ideally an image file format could be specified as ...

What Does This Output Represent?

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I'm trying to get my RPi to send temp data to Xively and I'm having a horrible time getting my code to work. This is the latest reponse I get when I run the python script... Traceback (most recent ...

How to limit choices of ForeignKey choices for Django raw_id_field

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How do you limit what choices are shown for ForeignKey fields in Django's admin when they're displayed using the raw_id_fields option? When rendered as a select box, it's simple to define a custom ...

Do attribute names consume memory on instance basis in python

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Considering I have millions of objects with 3 __slots__ Is it more memory efficient to have short slot names like x vs. long like would_you_like_fries_with_that_cheeseburger? Or are the names ...