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Python script to check if a zip file is corrupt

How do I check if a zip file is corrupt or not? I have a zip file with 10 jpg images. I am able to extract say 8 of the images. Two of the images in the zip are corrupt and I am not able to extract those. Is there a way to check for this in a Python script?

How to make an immutable object in Python?

Although I have never needed this, it just struck me that making an immutable object in Python could be slightly tricky. You can’t just override __setattr__, because then you can’t even set attributes …

Convert UTC datetime string to local datetime

I’ve never had to convert time to and from UTC. Recently had a request to have my app be timezone aware, and I’ve been running myself in circles. Lots of information on converting local time to UTC, which I found fairly elementary (maybe I’m doing that wrong as well), but I can not find any information on easily converting the

How to break a line of chained methods in Python?

I have a line of the following code (don’t blame for naming conventions, they are not mine): I don’t like how it looks like (not too readable) but I don’t have any better idea to limit lines to 79 characters in this situation. Is there a better way of breaking it (preferably without backslashes)? Answer You could use additional parentheses:

Python import src modules when running tests

My source files are located under src and my test files are located under tests. When I want to run a test file, say python, I get an import error: “No module named”. How …

How to put the legend outside the plot

I have a series of 20 plots (not subplots) to be made in a single figure. I want the legend to be outside of the box. At the same time, I do not want to change the axes, as the size of the figure gets reduced. I want to keep the legend box outside the plot area. (I want the

Checking date against date range in Python

I have a date variable: 2011-01-15 and I would like to get a boolean back if said date is within 3 days from TODAY. Im not quite sure how to construct this in Python. Im only dealing with date, not datetime. My working example is a “grace period”. A user logs into my site and […]

Convert Python program to C/C++ code?

is it possible to convert a Python program to C/C++? I need to implement a couple of algorithms, and I’m not sure if the performance gap is big enough to justify all the pain I’d go through when doing it in C/C++ (which I’m not good at). I thought about writing one simple algorithm and benchmark it against such a