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Faster way to read Excel files to pandas dataframe

I have a 14MB Excel file with five worksheets that I’m reading into a Pandas dataframe, and although the code below works, it takes 9 minutes! Does anyone have suggestions for speeding it up? import …

Python default logger disabled

For some reason, in a Python application I am trying to modify, the logger is not logging anything. I traced the error to logging/ def handle(self, record): “”” Call the handlers …

How to convert from decimal to a binary string?

The goal of this part of the lab is to motivate a right-to-left conversion of decimal numbers into binary form. Thus, you will end up writing a function numToBinary(anInteger) that works as follows: The code I have is: But this returns the string from left to right. Can anyone help me find a way to go from the left to

Transient input window

I have a system, where there is a popup window that requests input from the user, and then returns that input to the main body of code for processing. I have the window popping up correctly, using …