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Shuffle DataFrame rows

I have the following DataFrame: The DataFrame is read from a CSV file. All rows which have Type 1 are on top, followed by the rows with Type 2, followed by the rows with Type 3, etc. I would like to shuffle the order of the DataFrame’s rows so that all Type’s are mixed. A possible result could be: How

how to deactivate virtualenv from a bash script

I’m a novice in shell scripting, but I want to make a bash script for activate/deactivate a virtual enviroment using virtualenv. Then I want to use this script like a service in Ubuntu copying it …

First occurance of a number in python list

I am new to python so please sorry if it is really very silly kind of question. I have a long list which consist of two fixed possible numbers (0 and 1). I don’t know which number occurs first in the list but i am sure that if 0 is occuring first in the list than it will consecutive occurance

Simulate autofit column in xslxwriter

I would like to simulate the Excel autofit function in Python’s xlsxwriter. According to this url, it is not directly supported: However, it should be quite straightforward to loop through each cell on the sheet and determine the maximum size for the column and just use worksheet.set_column(row, col, width) to set the width. The complications that is keeping me

Advertising on a tkinter program

My question is : is it possible to put ads on a tkinter program , something like google ads or something , because I made a program which a lot of people started using and I am not getting any benefits from it , is there a way ? Answer There is nothing built-in to tkinter, nor available as a