Flask, setting JSON in a cookie, and decoding it on the client (in javascript)

I’m setting a cookie in Flask like follows : If i print json.dumps(someObject) on the server I get : On the client side it becomes : I want to decode it on a javascript client what format is it exactly ? I’d like to decode it and pass it to angular.fromJson(), it looks like there is at least unescaping (of the the “) to do, but I’m surprize to see 54 (the octal ASCII code for the comma) Answer The cookie value is quoted by the Werkzeug library to be safe for use in Cookie headers; this includes quoting any

How do I get my HTML button to delete the right list item from a SQLite database?

I’m a beginner, so forgive any stupidity in advance. I’m using Flask (and by extension Jinja2) to create a simple web app — one that basically lets you type a movie into a web form, which adds it to a SQLite database. I’ve gotten Flask to very nicely iterate through all the movies in the database and print them to the page upon load. I want to include a “Delete” button next to each movie. Getting the button to appear is simple. But I’m not sure how to tie the button back to the function delete_movie() such that it will