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Django multiple params link

I have this first path with one args works good with reverse func in some file how i can do this -> from …/calendar/2020-01-01 to …/calendar/2020-01-01/100 in template without using context and 2 args like url ” ” date arg2 something like <a href = “{% url ‘schedule’ *** %}> tries reverse full path with two args Answer If

Unsupported lookup ‘category’ for CharField or join on the field not permitted This is my file. I show error at: bestseller = Product.objects.filter(product__category__icontains=’BestSeller’) I want to Bestseller category product at index.html I use Django 4 and pyhton 3.9 Answer You can’t use CharField as a ForeignKey. It should be like this: Or like this (the same logic): This will output all Products in category with name BestSeller.

Edit Form Submit handler for a Model

I have a fairly simple django model in a Wagtail CMS; essentially: I need to perform an action when this model is saved via the Wagtail model edit form (eg /admin/section/thingy/123/edit). Currently, I have registered a post_save signal, however this has resulted in the method being called when the model is saved programmatically (via an import sync task). I’ve had

Django join tables with ForeignKey

I’m trying to join 3 tables with ForeignKey but it returns Null values. I’m using select related and also I tried Insight.objects.all() but both are not working. Here are my models: My View: Answer I solved my problem by the below, I could update the DB with the result of the below query

Div Columns not aligning correctly in Django/Python

I’m following along a tutorial and, unfortunately, his code editor automatically indented everything when he copied/pasted a new <div> (Sigh) (In the second pic I cut off the top where it has LOGO in the top right on accident in the screenshot) The problem is i Room.html This is what it currently looks like This is what it should look