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Tag: apache

Why am I getting PermissionError [Errno 13] when attempting to write to log in Flask hosted by Apache?

I am running Flask 1.1.4 via Python 3.5.3, hosted via an Apache 2 server on Debian Stretch. I am attempting to log various messages from the program, using the python logging module. This works normally. However, if I restart the Apache server using sudo service apache2 restart, the Flask application errors out with PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: (log file

Django websites not loading

I have two Django websites on one server using Apache with mod_wsgi on Windows 10. For some reason the Django websites don’t load, however, I have a normal website that does. I’ve had it work in the past when I was using one, but I had to change some stuff to make two work. Here are my 1 2

Only the first Django site to be loaded works

I recently submitted a problem to stackoverflow titled Django infinite loading after multiple requests on apache using mod_wsgi. Anyways, I have recently changed a lot of that code and now I have a new problem. The first Django website I request works, however, the second one points to the first one I loaded and gives the response DisallowedHost because obviously