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Extract first fields from struct columns into a dictionary

I need to create a dictionary from Spark dataframe’s schema of type pyspark.sql.types.StructType. The code needs to go through entire StructType, find only those StructField elements which are of type StructType and, when extracting into dictionary, use the name of parent StructField as key while value would be name of only the first nested/child StructField. Example schema (StructType): Desired result:

Retrieving unpack requires a buffer of 8 bytes error socket python

I have the following code I am sending the result of intermediate predictions results from the client to server. Client server While running the above code I am facing the below error msg_size = struct.unpack(“Q”, packed_msg_size)[0] struct.error: unpack requires a buffer of 8 bytes Thank you Answer You haven’t sorted out normal end of connection. As mentioned in the comments,

Reading a C-struct via sockets into python

On an embedded device running a C application, I have defined this struct: On request, I send this struct via sockets: and read it from a Python script on my desktop: This is the data printed to console on my desktop: How can i reassemble the data into a YourStruct? Note that the embedded device uses little endian, so I