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Tag: pandas

What is the difference between `assert_frame_equal` and `equals`

I’m curious to find the difference between assert_frame_equal and equal. Both are for checking the equality of two data. It applies for assert_series_equal and assert_index_equal. So what is the difference between equals and testing functions? So far I found was testing functions gives little more flexibility to compare the values, like check_dtpye options etc., and […]

Pandas left join in place

I have a large data frame df and a small data frame df_right with 2 columns a and b. I want to do a simple left join / lookup on a without copying df. I come up with this code but I am not sure how …

Reverse a get_dummies encoding in pandas

Column names are: ID,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. The col values are either 0 or 1 My dataframe looks like this: I want the column names in front of the ID where the value in a row is 1. The Dataframe i want should look like this: Please help me in this, Thanks in advance Answer set_index + stack, stack will dropna by default

How to plot aggregated by date pandas dataframe

I have this dataframe To aggregate payout_value by date I use: How do I plot (bar chart) dates on x-axis and aggregated payout sum on y axis? I tried using df.plot(x=’date’, y=’payout_value’,kind=”bar”) approach, but there is no ‘date’ column in df_daily dataframe, print(list(df_daily)) gives [(‘payout_value’, ‘sum’)] Answer you are almost there, use reset_index and plot your by df_daily

convert dataframe row to dict

I have datarame like the sample data below. I’m trying to convert one row from the dataframe in to a dict like the desired output below. But when I use to_dict I get the indice along with the column …