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I am getting error while defining H2OContext in python spark script

Code: I am using spark standalone cluster 3.2.1 and try to initiate H2OContext in python file. while trying to run the script using spark-submit, i am getting following error: Spark-submit command: spark-submit –master spark://local:7077 –packages ai.h2o:sparkling-water-package_2.12: spark_h20/ Answer The parameter –packages ai.h2o:sparkling-water-package_2.12: downloads a jar artifact from Maven. This artifact could be used only for Scala/Java. I see there is

Retrieve loss for each epoch in Python H2O

I would like to plot a loss vs epoch graph from a deep quantile regression model in H2O. I’m using the H2ODeepLearningEstimator but can’t seem to find a way to retrieve the loss like in Keras. Could somebody please point me in the right direction? Answer I believe you are looking for the learning curve plot. In h2o you