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Get variable values at each iteration of GEKKO optimization

I would like to get the value of the variables at each iteration of the optimization process when using Python GEKKO. For example, the following code from the documentation ( solves problem HS71: The output displayed in the console is the following: This includes the value of the objective function at each iteration, but I would also like to get

mixed integer programming optimization

I am trying to understand how gekko and its different types of custom variables work. So I wrote a very simple optimization problem, but it won’t find the optimal solution, at least this is what i think the error message means. The code is a simple set switch combination (braco_gas and braco_eh, both binaries) multiplied by some weights (vazao and

GEKKO variable update in real time

How do I need to setup m.time and update the initial conditions if I want to use GEKKO in an online simulation that updates every second? I have tried: but it doesn’t seem to update the values. I’m using IMODE = 4 This is just a dynamic simulation application. No control at the moment. Answer Gekko manages the initial conditions