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Tag: format

Python string format

I have defined the string variable value=“c:/program files/tm su/usr” I need to use this variable in another string like Bashcmd=“Override project={value}” I tried adding the rf option like this …

Converting from float to percentage

I would like to convert a decimal number (say 0.33333) to percentage (expected answer 33.33%) I used the following x = 0.3333 print(format(x,’.2%’)) which gives indeed 33.33% However, the result …

How to output above the last printed line?

Is there a way in python to print something in the command line above the last line printed? Or, similarly to what I want to achieve, remain the last line intact, that is, not overwrite it. The goal of this is to let the last line in the command line a status/precentage bar. Output example: Next refresh: Next refresh: Answer

python Decimal – checking if integer

I am using the Decimal library in Python, and printing out the values using format(value, ‘f’), where value is a Decimal. I get numbers in the form 10.00000, which reflects the precision on the decimal. I know that float supports is_integer, but there seems to be a lack of a similar API for decimals. I was wondering if there was