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Python Regex groups causing index errors

So, my interpereter is complaining about IndexError: Replacement index 1 out of range for positional args tuple when calling or re.groups() under specific circumstances. It is meant to return a phone number, such as +1 (555) 555-5555 Here is the regex used, as it is declared elsewhere: Here is the code causing the issues: Full Traceback: Answer You have

How to check 2 string format

I have a string “[ERROR]: test_case_blebleble – FAILURE – 1 hr 47 min” get from console log jenkins In my console log, I have a lot of message like this. so I want to check if have any string like this format FAILURE – 1 hr 47 min then go to get this message. So, in python how we can

Converting a Dataframe into a specific json format

I need to convert this dataframe into the json format below and I can’t get it to work conv_item_id updated_item_value order_check a 1.99 approved b 2.99 approved c 2.99 approved I currently have this function that converts the dataframe into a string gives the following result as a string I need the format to be Does anyone have any idea

Python string format

I have defined the string variable I need to use this variable in another string like I tried adding the rf option like this But it’s printing only until c:/program, white spaces are neglected. Is there any way to use entire path in Bashcmd and can’t remove spaces in directory path because many system share same paths. Answer You can

(Python).format() is output incorrectly

If you run Come out like this or It comes out like this What I want is that the elements except abc1 are inserted as ff and a randomly selected value is output. For example Answer Given your desired output, you are looking to create new dictionaries, not string representations of dictionaries, so this will do: If you still need

How format different values in pandas?

i have a columns of dataframe with 1000+ different format of values. how can i format these in order to have unified view like this 1.000.000. for example: row 1 is desiderated view row 2 10000000 should be 10.000.000 row 3 150,250 should be 150.250 row 4 0,200655 should be 200.655 Answer For your input this should work: Here we:

Easiest way to split JSON file using Python

I am working on an interactive visualization of the world happiness report from the years 2015 up to 2020. The data was split into 6 csv files. Using pandas, I have succesfully cleaned the data and concatenated them into one big JSON file with the following format: Now, I would like to programmatically format the JSON file such that it

Align strings over a common character

I am looking for a simple, pythonic way of doing this with the minimum calculations and loops. I have a bunch of strings, such as: What I would like to print at the screen is: (where the x are actually spaces, but I could not figure out how to show it with this editor) I am aware of string formatting