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Tag: dataframe

How can I subclass a Pandas DataFrame?

Subclassing Pandas classes seems a common need, but I could not find references on the subject. (It seems that Pandas developers are still working on it: Easier subclassing #60.) There are some SO questions on the subject, but I am hoping that someone here can provide a more systematic account on the current best way to subclass pandas.DataFrame that satisfies

What does axis in pandas mean?

Here is my code to generate a dataframe: then I got the dataframe: When I type the commmand : I got : According to the reference of pandas, axis=1 stands for columns and I expect the result of the command to be So here is my question: what does axis in pandas mean? Answer It specifies the axis along which

Pandas dataframe get first row of each group

I have a pandas DataFrame like following. I want to group this by [“id”,”value”] and get the first row of each group. Expected outcome I tried following which only gives the first row of the DataFrame. Any help regarding this is appreciated. AdvertisementAnswer If you need id as column: To get n first records, you […]