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Tag: database-cursor

How to add a cursor() of a db connection to a sqlalchemy.orm session? “sqlalchemy.orm.exc.UnmappedInstanceError: Class ‘’ is not mapped”

I am in a Ubuntu 22.04 Docker container with Python 3.10. I use these apt packages: I use the following Python packages: The sessionmaker parameter autoflush is set to True. I want to add a deletion and after that an insertion to a sqlalchemy.orm session so that I commit only when the two commands worked out well. The aim of

About mysql cursor and iterator

Imagine I have a mysql cursor and data read. The amount of data might be very big that I want to deal with one line each time. An easy and straight forward way might be like this: But this doesn’t look good, so I wonder whether this way works as imagined: The thing I want to know is: if I