Sklearn logistic regression, plotting probability curve graph

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I’m trying to create a logistic regression similar to the ISLR’s example, but using python instead


#first we'll have to convert the strings "No" and "Yes" to numeric values
data.loc[data["default"]=="No", "default"]=0
data.loc[data["default"]=="Yes", "default"]=1
X = data["balance"].values.reshape(-1,1)
Y = data["default"].values.reshape(-1,1)

LogR = LogisticRegression(),np.ravel(Y.astype(int)))

#matplotlib scatter funcion w/ logistic regression
plt.xlabel("Credit Balance")
plt.ylabel("Probability of Default")

But I keep getting the graph on the left, when I want the one on the right:

enter image description here

Edit: plt.scatter(x,LogR.predict(x)) was my second, and also wrong guess.


you use predict(X) which gives out the prediction of the class. replace predict(X) with predict_proba(X)[:,1] which would gives out the probability of which the data belong to class 1.

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