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Is there a way to get a list of column names in sqlite?

I want to get a list of column names from a table in a database. Using pragma I get a list of tuples with a lot of unneeded information. Is there a way to get only the column names? So I might end up with something like this:

[Column1, Column2, Column3, Column4]

The reason why I absolutely need this list is because I want to search for a column name in the list and get the index because the index is used in a lot of my code.

Is there a way of getting a list like this?




You can use sqlite3 and pep-249

import sqlite3
connection = sqlite3.connect('~/foo.sqlite')
cursor = connection.execute('select * from bar')

cursor.description is description of columns

names = list(map(lambda x: x[0], cursor.description))

Alternatively you could use a list comprehension:

names = [description[0] for description in cursor.description]
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