Installing quickfix using pip keeps running forever

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Goal: I want to be able to use quickfix

Problem: When running pip install quickfix all I get is the following

enter image description here

N.B: I waited for the wheel building for around 15 minutes I don’t think this should take that much right?

Context: I am using docker and I have the python3.7 image

Tried to fix it:

  • downloaded the quickfix-1.15.1.tar.gz file locally and tried to do pip install directly on it
  • I checked for the dependencies and what is on the quickfix documentation for linux is glibc I checked and glibc is installed inside my running container

Can anyone help me out?


It just needs time after waiting for around 20 minutes the build was successful.
I am not sure if this is normal for it to take ~20 minutes but it works. If you don’t see an error then keep it running until it’s built or it throws an error

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