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How to fix Jupyter extension activation failed when opening python files?

I installed python lately on my macos system and when I try to open a python file I see this error popup about Jupyter extension : enter image description here



Just ran into this today (I’m on MacOS for my work computer). In my case, upgrading to the pre-release version of the Jupyter extension (v2022.5.1001281006) solved it right away.

If you’re not an experienced programmer/software engineer, as is the case for me, I suggest trying to upgrade (or roll back) either VS code or the plugin itself before going with your own dev code for the plugin, as with @CAG2 pt2 answer. (Personally, I had trouble finding a ‘product.json’ file; perhaps you need an insider’s build of VS code for that kind of thing [edit]:, in which case I think you’d be editing ‘package.json’).

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