How to convert a 3 digit number to Minute-Second format

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In my basketball sim, the quarter clock is set to a 3 digit number, 12 minute quarters * 60 seconds = 720 seconds. After the result of my play, I subtract a random number, in-between 10-24, from the quarter clock. I print the result of my play, as well as the quarter clock. Example code:

quarter_clock = 12 * 60
time_runoff = random.randint(10,24)

def play():
    if player_makes_shot:
    print("player makes the shot")
    quarter_clock = quarter_clock - time_runoff


player makes shot

How can I make the clock output to be in a minute-second format like this:


Thanks for the help! :)


You can use divmod, which “returns the quotient and remainder after a division of two numbers”:

>>> divmod(702,60)
(11, 42)

So you can do something like this:

>>> minutes, seconds = divmod(702,60)
>>> print(f"{minutes}:{seconds}")


You can also add a 0 to the left of the seconds in case it is a 1-digit number, e.g.:

>>> minutes, seconds = divmod(662,60)
>>> print(f"{minutes}:{seconds:02d}")

Source: stackoverflow