Generator function for file reading returning object type as regular function

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I am trying to create a generator function to return the content of a .csv file row by row and while the generator function does seem to be iterable with me being able to loop over it with a for loop, when I print the object type of the generator function, instead of returning class ‘generator’, it returns class ‘function’. The generator function also has a memory size consistent with it being a generator function.

The function code:

    import sys, time
    start_time = time.time()
    def file_row_generator():
        for row in open('file.csv'):
            yield row
    l = []
    for row in file_row_generator():
    print(time.time() - start_time)

This returns the output:

<function file_row_generator at 0x00F3BC40>

<class ‘function’>




file_row_generator is a function that returns a generator. Try print(file_row_generator()).

>>> def foo():
...     for i in range(3):
...             yield i
>>> print(foo)
<function foo at 0x7fd3cedaa310>
>>> print(foo())
<generator object foo at 0x7fd3ced88660>

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