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Access the values of dictionaries in a list, then print them nicely

I have a list of dictionaries from which I need to extract information, and then print it out in a special format.

dict_list = [
    {'description' : 'item 1',
     'amount' : int_amount1
    {'description' : 'item 2',
     'amount' : int_amount2
    {'description' : 'item 3', 
     'amount' : int_amount3

I need to access the values in these dictionaries and print them out in the following way:

'item 1'       int_amount1
'item 2'       int_amount2
'item 3'       int_amount3

If possible I would also need to print each key value at 20 characters max. Thus far I have tried for loops and list comprehensions but the farthest I’ve gotten is just printing out all the values in a one by one list.

Any help would be appreciated.


You just need to iterate over the list and do your printing for each item

dict_list = [
    {'description': 'item 1', 'amount': 'int_amount1'},
    {'description': 'item 2', 'amount': 'int_amount2'},
    {'description': 'item 3', 'amount': 'int_amount3'}

for item in dict_list:


item 1              int_amount1
item 2              int_amount2
item 3              int_amount3