Antialiasing shapes in Pygame

I’m using Pygame to draw some things. The problem is that they have a lot of aliased edges: I want to make them softer, like this: My idea so far was to draw the shape in double size, and then use to shrink it to the size I want. Unfortunately if I’m drawing my shapes on a transparent surface, the smoothscale turns the edges that were touching transparent pixels black! How do I smoothscale a picture without turning alpha-transparent pixels into black, or How else do I antialias edges? Answer In order to draw antialiased filled shapes with pygame, use

How to render transparent text with alpha channel in PyGame?

I am using pygame.font.Font.render() to render some text. I’d like the text to be translucent, ie have an alpha value other than 255, so I tried passing a color argument with an alpha value (eg (255, …

how to play wav file in python?

I tried pygame for playing wav file like this: but It change the voice and I don’t know why! I read this link solutions and can’t solve my problem with playing wave file! for this solution I dont know what should I import? and for this solution /dev/dsp dosen’t exist in new version of linux : and when I tried pyglet It give me this error: Answer You can use PyAudio. An example here on my Linux it works:

How to get keyboard input in pygame?

I am making a game in pygame 1.9.2. It’s a faily simple game in which a ship moves between five columns of bad guys who attack by moving slowly downward. I am attempting to make it so that the ship …

Python display text with font & color?

Is there a way I can display text on a pygame window using python? I need to display a bunch of live information that updates and would rather not make an image for each character I need. Can I blit …