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Splitting long string without spaces into words with certain length

So I have a really long string from a text document made entirely up of 7-letter words. I need to separate them and store each 7-letter word into an list.

The text document is originally made up of 7-letter words each separated by lines. A small part of it is shown below: Screenshot of the text document

After the space is removed it looks like this: Screenshot of string with lines removed A solution of how to store them in a list straight from the form of being separated in lines would also work for me.

I used this to remove the new lines:

with open(r"C:UsersHPDesktopinput.txt", 'r') as file:
    data ='n', '')




Use the split function, which creates a list of tokens based on the provided delimiter. You can provide a ‘n’ delimiter, something like this:

with open('input.txt', 'r') as file:
    data =
separated_list = data.split('n')


['abc', 'def', 'hij']
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