Specifying pyODBC options (fast_executemany = True in particular) using SQLAlchemy

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I would like to switch on the fast_executemany option for the pyODBC driver while using SQLAlchemy to insert rows to a table. By default it is of and the code runs really slow… Could anyone suggest how to do this?


I am using pyODBC 4.0.21 and SQLAlchemy 1.1.13 and a simplified sample of the code I am using are presented below.

import sqlalchemy as sa

def InsertIntoDB(self, tablename, colnames, data, create = False):
    Inserts data into given db table
    tablename - name of db table with dbname
    colnames - column names to insert to
    data - a list of tuples, a tuple per row

    # reflect table into a sqlalchemy object
    meta = sa.MetaData(bind=self.engine)
    reflected_table = sa.Table(tablename, meta, autoload=True)

    # prepare an input object for sa.connection.execute
    execute_inp = []
    for i in data:
        execute_inp.append(dict(zip(colnames, i)))

    # Insert values


Try this for pyodbc

crsr = cnxn.cursor()
crsr.fast_executemany = True

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