‘Show more results’ while scraping mobile details from flipkart

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My question is same as Scraping all mobiles of Flipkart.com. I tried the solution given over there, but that change in the start variable is not working , and I can only scrape the starting twenty mobile information only.

import urllib#.request  # for py 3.x
import re  #regural expression for data manipulation
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup


regex = '<a href=(.+?)>'  # it will find the title

htmlfile = urllib.urlopen(url)  #//.request is in 3.0x

htmltext= htmlfile.read()



for i in title:
    print i

The initial value of start was 21, so increased to 50, but still I am getting the same result.


There are 4 ajax request for the page,check the screenshot,try to code which dynamically change the start in each request,use try catch to handle exception handling image page

Source: stackoverflow