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score calculation takes too long: avoid for loops – python

I am new to python and I need your kindly help.

I have three matrices, in particular:

  • Matrix M (class of the matrix:, dimensions: N x C;
  • Matrix G (class of the matrix: numpy.ndarray), dimensions: C x T;
  • Matrix L (class of the matrix: numpy.ndarray), dimensions: T x N.

Where: N = 10000, C = 1000, T = 20.

I would like to calculate, this score:

I tried by using two for loops , one for the i-index and one for c. Furthermore, I used a dot product for obtaining the last sum in the equation. But my implementation requires too much times for giving the result.

This is what I implemented:

    score = 0.0
    for i in range(N): 
        for c in range(C):
            Mic = M[i,c]
            score += np.outer(Mic,([:,i],G[c,:])))

Is there a way to avoid the two for loops?

Thank you in advance!




Try this score = np.einsum("ic,ti,ct->", M, L, G)


By the way, in your case, score = np.sum(np.diag(M @ G @ L)) (in PYTHON3 starting from version 3.5, you can use the semantics of the @ operator for matmul function) is faster than einsum (especially in np.trace((L @ M) @ G ) due to efficient use of memory, maybe @hpaulj meant this in his comment). But einsum is easier to use for complex tensor products (to encode with einsum I used your math expression directly without thinking about optimization).

Generally, using for with numpy results in a dramatic slowdown in computation speed (think “vectorize your computations” in the case of numpy).