Installed Docker on Mac but can’t find the command

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On My mac I ran:

pip install docker

And it seems successfully:

Installing collected packages: websocket-client, docker-pycreds, docker
Successfully installed docker-3.4.1 docker-pycreds-0.3.0 websocket-client-0.48.0

However, when I run the ‘docker’ at the terminal, it can’t find it:

$ docker
-bash: docker: command not found

Then I run:

$ whereis docker

It shows nothing. So how do I get docker to run?



I’m unsure which instructions you followed to install via pip, however docker-3.4.1 is a very old version, so you have worse issues at foot than your PATH not containing the docker binary.

I recommend undoing your installation via pip and installing Docker for Mac the correct way. I believe the current stable version for MacOS is 18.03.

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