Input Shape for 1D CNN (Keras)

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I’m building a CNN using Keras, with the following Conv1D as my first layer:

    kernel_regularizer=getattr(regularizers, hyperparameters["regularization"])(hyperparameters["regularization_rate"]),
    input_shape=(1000, 1),

I’m training with the function:

In which train_df is a pandas dataframe of two columns where, for each row, label is an int (0 or 1) and payload is a ndarray of floats padded with zeros/truncated to a length of 1000. The total # of training examples within train_df is 15641.

The model compiles, but during training, I get this error:

ValueError: Error when checking model input: the list of Numpy arrays that you are passing to your model is not the size the model expected. Expected to see 1 array(s), but instead got the following list of 15641 arrays: [array([[0.09019608],
   [0.        ],
   [0.        ],
   [0.        ],
   [0.        ],
   [0.        ],

I looked at this post and tried changing my input to a ndarray of 1000-float-long lists, but ended up with another error:

ValueError: Error when checking input: expected conv1d_1_input to have 3 dimensions, but got array with shape (15641, 1000)

Any ideas?


So I set the input_shape to (1000, 1)

I also converted the input that’s fed to fit() into a single ndarray of n ndarrays (each ndarray is a vector of 1000 floats, n is the total count of samples/vectors) and reshaped each of those ndarrays to (1, 1000, 1) during preprocessing after reading this explanation on inputs & input shape

The final shape of my input data was (15641, 1000, 1)

All of this should apply to validation data too (if specified).

This fixed my issue

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