How to send requests with JSONs in unit tests

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I have code within a Flask application that uses JSONs in the request, and I can get the JSON object like so:

Request = request.get_json()

This has been working fine, however I am trying to create unit tests using Python’s unittest module and I’m having difficulty finding a way to send a JSON with the request.'/test_function', 
                       data=json.dumps(dict(foo = 'bar')))

This gives me:

>>> request.get_data()
'{"foo": "bar"}'
>>> request.get_json()

Flask seems to have a JSON argument where you can set json=dict(foo=’bar’) within the post request, but I don’t know how to do that with the unittest module.


Changing the post to'/test_function', 

fixed it.

Thanks to user3012759.

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