How to find out week no of the month in python?

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I have seen many ways to determine week of the year. Like by giving instruction, 2, 14).isocalendar()[1] I get 6 as output. Which means 14th feb 2016 falls under 6th Week of the year. But I couldn’t find any way by which I could find week of the Month.

Means IF I give input as some_function(2016,2,16) I should get output as 3, denoting me that 16th Feb 2016 is 3rd week of the Feb 2016

[ this is different question than similar available question, here I’m asking about finding week no of the month and not of the year]


This function did the work what I wanted

from math import ceil

def week_of_month(dt):

    first_day = dt.replace(day=1)

    dom =
    adjusted_dom = dom + first_day.weekday()

    return int(ceil(adjusted_dom/7.0))

I got this function from This StackOverFlow Answer

Source: stackoverflow