How many epochs does scikit learn use when cross validating?

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I’m doing some model cross validation with scikit learn in time series data where a Multi Layer Perceptron is trained with Keras. (We are able to use cross_val_score from scikit learn thanks to the keras wrapper).

Basically using:

cross_val_score from scikit learn
from sklearn.model_selection import TimeSeriesSplit

The issue is I don’t understand how many epochs its using on each training.

Let me explain with an example. Assume X_train has 1779 rows and we are using tscv=TimeSeriesSplit(n_splits=15).

We execute:


And while calculating this line, it would show something like this: Training example

So how many epochs is using for the training of each split? By training of each split I mean 114/114 would be one split, 225/225 would be the second split, etc. Is it using just epoch=1, because it trains it too fast? is this configurable?


I would assume the number of epochs is definied by the default value of the modelyou are using. Normally you can configure that step in your keras model like:, y, batch_size=32, epochs=10)

In the line:


You cannot change it directly as cross_val_scoredoesn’t have this option as you can see in the docs:

For a better understanding of your model set-up you could provide us more code.

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