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How do I specify a custom lookup field for a DRF action on a viewset?

I would like to specify a custom lookup field on the action (different from the viewset default “pk”), i.e.

        lookup_field="uuid",  # this does not work unfortunately
    def get_something(self, request, uuid=None):

But the router does not generate the correct urls:

router = DefaultRouter()
router.register(r"test", TestViewSet)

yields url:


instead of


I do not want to change the lookup field for the whole viewset though and have been unsuccessful in finding a way to do this for the action itself after debugging through the router url generation. I did notice that model viewsets have this method:


but am unsure how to get it to be called to generate custom urls or if it is even relevant. Any help would be great thanks!



I think it will create much confusion for your API consumers if you have 2 different resource identification on the same resource.

You can name that action query_by_uuid or just allow them to use list_view to filter by uuid if you only want to represent the object tho. (so consumers can use /test/?uuid= to retrieve data)

But if you really want to do it, you can simply override get_object method to filter for your custom action tho:

def get_object(self):
    if self.action == 'do_something':
        return get_object_or_404(self.get_queryset(), uuid=self.kwargs['pk'])
    return super().get_object()

Here is a bit hacky solution for generate uuid in router with detail=False.

@action(detail=False, url_path=r'(?P<uuid>[^/.]+)/do_something')
def do_something(self, request, uuid=None):