How do I convert dict of dicts/nested dicts into dict of list

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Heres the original dict

uid_coins = {'141632864': {'username': 'Guest130679138', 'coins': 0}, 
        '141632884': {'username': 'Guest130679156', 'coins': 39123441}, 
        '141632886': {'username': 'Guest130679158', 'coins': 44006638}}

What I am trying to get

d = {'uid':[141632864, 141632884, 141632886], 
'username': ['Guest130679138', 'Guest130679156', 'Guest130679158'], 
'coins': [0, 39123441, 44006638]}

The keys in original dict represent uid.

This is my what I have done:

uid = list(uid_coins.keys())
username = [u_data['username'] for u_data in uid_coins.values()]
coins = [[u_data['coins'] for u_data in uid_coins.values()]]

d = {"uid":uid, "username":username, "coins":coins}

dict((key,d[key]) for d in data for key in d)

But I am rather looking for a generalized approach, to achieve without manually declaring the keys again, just so it should work with new keys in the original data.


Generalized (based on original version by Andrej Kesely):

d = {}
for k, v in uid_coins.items():
    d.setdefault('uid', []).append(k)
    for i in v.keys():
        d.setdefault(i, []).append(v[i])

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