Creating Virtual environment using python 3.8 when python 2.7 is present

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I am trying to create a virtual environment using mkvirtualenv with python 3 in Windows but the environment is created with python 2.7.My pip version is also from python 2.7 which i have avoided using

py -m pip install virtualenvwrapper-win

When i do

mkvirtualenv test

environment is created with python 2.7 Please help me with a solution Thanks in advance:)


If you would like to create a virtualenv with python 3.X having the version 2.X

You just have to pass a parameter argument for your virtual env.

$ virtualenv venv -p $(which python3)

This command will point to your current python3 install folder, and create a virtualenv copied from your current python3 binaries.

If you would like to see what this command does, just fire the command:

$ which python3
#should print your current python3 binary folder.

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