Cannot import name ‘iscode’ from ‘xdis’ when using ‘trepan3k’

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I am trying to use trepan3k to debug a .pyc file. However, when I typed the command trepan3k flag.pyc, it gave me the error: Cannot import name 'iscode' from 'xdis'.

I am using MacOS, with Python 3.8.0.


I just released version 1.0.0 of trepan3k and that should address this problem. This is fault (dependency hell) and I’m sorry for the trouble here.

More generally there was a certain looseness in specifying dependencies in trepan3k that allowed an older xdis to be used when it shouldn’t have.

There has been some major upheaval in all of that code in order to support a bytecode interpreter written in Python. See

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